Checked In

Checked In: A simple tool for patients.

Patients use Checked In to find nearby ER, urgent cares, primary care providers, specialists, and dentists with the best waits. The app uses geolocation  to aggregate data for patients to choose their best option.

Access a Doctor Sooner

Non urgent patients often resolve to the ER because they are unable to find available urgent care. Checked In changes this, helping patients save on costly ER bills when an Urgent Care, PCP, or specialist is available to treat the patient.

Decrease Patient Overcrowding

Checked In relieves patient overcrowding by diverting patients to less crowded ERs and primary care providers.

Multi Healthcare System Comparison

Easily compare wait times across multiple health care systems in the surrounding area and choose the one that is best for you.

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Waste Less Time

How many times have you gone for a doctor’s appointment and waited over an hour for your appointment? Checked In updates the current wait so you know if the doctor is late and are able plan accordingly.

Help From Anywhere

Checked In uses the database from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Feel safer traveling to out of town. In your time of need use Checked In to locate surrounding health care facilities and navigate to them.

Protect Your Family

By having Checked In at the ready on your mobile device, you will be able to locate health care anywhere, anytime to get the help you need. For emergencies dial 911.

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